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      1. Xuzhou Focus construction machinery co.,ltd. 13605215661

        About focus

        Xuzhou Focus construction machinery co.,ltd.

        Specialized in designing, manufacturing various kinds of attachments and work tools for construction machinery and equipment.

        We supply 9 series and dozens of attachments used in the infrastructure,sanitation,civil,landscaping,mining,port and dock,

        Logistics,etc. And also provide these industries with optimal solutions.

        Our products applicable to the most of popular brands of machinery including CAT,BOBCAT,JCB,CASE,KOMATSU,VOLVO and many other brands from Japan,Korea,China,USA.

        You can find the right products from us to fit your skid steer,loader,backhoe,excavator,

        bulldozer,forklift,motor graders

        We are committed to win customer trust by high-quality,good service and reasonable prices, provide customers with convenient,fast and cost-effective products to meet their needs.

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